This was a Collaboration with RA1530 who helped a ton with CAPS, attributes & sigs and thank you to Roster Master who also helped with CAPS for AZ, Gonz & USC and the team list. NCAA 2K17 is a custom roster for NBA 2K17 (PS4) featuring 51 college teams with authentic jerseys, courts, scoreboards and more. Over 400+ college players were created with custom tendencies, attributes and signatures to mirror their game in real life.

Disclaimer: This roster is meant to be played for one season. Once you finish the season, restart a new MyLeague/Season and redo the following steps.


Enter MyLEAGUE mode.


Start a new franchise.


Select the MyLEAGUE mode or Season Mode.


Press Triangle to load the NCAA 2K17 roster.


Press Triangle again and select Search by Online ID.


Enter infamous-ny- and click done.



Select Custom league.


Select Start in Regular season.


The roster now has 51 teams to choose from. Move to each box and choose which teams you want in your 36 team league.  Look at the above image to see what NBA/Euro team goes with what college.


Select Setup Options.


Press Triangle to load the NCAA 2K17 sliders.


Press Triangle again and select search by Online ID. Type in infamous-ny- and select NCAA 2K17.

Make sure you have the correct settings before pressing Done.


Season Length: Shortest amount
Quarter Length: 10 Minutes
All Playoff Series: 1 Game
Trade Logic: Off
Injuries: Off
Progressive Fatigue: Off
Team Chemistry: Off
Gameplay Difficulty: Choose whatever you want.

Make sure you press done and select Start Mode.


Press triangle to select all teams and then press advanced.


Now it’s time to rebrand all 36 teams using the download team design feature. Start with 76ers and move along as you download the designs. (To change teams, scroll to the right with the right stick.)


Press circle and scroll over to the Team Relocation tab.


Move down and click Upload/Download Team Design.


Click download team designs.


Press triangle to Search by Keyword


enter ncaa2k17 and press done.

my-great-capture-screenshot-2016-11-26-00-59-31 my-great-capture-screenshot-2016-11-26-00-59-37

Click through each box until you find the one with my name. Make sure the creator name is Infamous-NY- Press X on the blank NCAA 2K17 jersey and click see other designs by creator.


Now find the right college team for the specific team your relocating. Each NBA/Euro team goes with a specific college team, look at the list below to find out which team goes with who.

Example: Relocate the 76ers to Villanova, Bucks to Duke..


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