I used realistic college analytics to create the most realistic college roster on the PS4.

If you want a college team on the roster, you can pay for it. Hit me up on twitter for more details. @dainfamousny

If you want to see my rosters on the Xbox One, donate here: https://streamlabs.com/1261d


Enter Season mode and press Triangle to search & load the roster by online ID

Enter my Online ID infamous-ny-

select the NCAA 2K18 roster

go to Setup Options and click triangle to load the options. Search by online id, enter Infamous-ny-

Select the NCAA 2K18 options, you can change the quarter time to whatever you want. Also, make sure you put the playoffs to 1 game and then click start to continue.

Press Triangle to select all team and press continue.

Press continue again on this screen.

Now it’s time to download the team designs for each team. Every NBA team goes with a specific college. Go to team relocation and scroll down and click download team designs.

Click triangle and search the word infamous

A bunch of jerseys should show up, click any jersey, make sure the creator name says infamous-ny- and click bookmark creator.

Now you should have a bookmark tab with all my jerseys, press r2 to scroll over to it to access all the college jerseys/courts.

Now its time to rebrand every NBA team with their college jersey & court. Follow the list below to know what team goes with who.

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